Locating USGS Topographic Maps (U.S.)

These items are not easily locatable in Josiah. Instead, please use the following procedures:

Start with the Index to Topographic and Other Map Coverage (one per state, except for small states) found on the SCI MAPS bookcase. The Index presents the grid lines and quadrangle names of each topographic map series superimposed over a state map. Find the area that interests you on the state map and take note of the quadrangle names that cover the area. Several series also include maps presenting planimetric data only (no contours) aerial photography, and surface management status. The collection is organized as follows:


Locating Thematic Maps (U.S.)

The majority of the collection is in the USGS thematic map section. These are not catalogued individually; please see the location guide below.

Many other miscellaneous thematic maps are available through Josiah and the GPO Monthly Catalog.

To locate a USGS thematic map, consult the Guide to USGS Publications (1-SIZE Z6026.G3 G84). The latest edition is shelved on Level 8 with the Map Collection. The Guide provides access by author, subject, geographic area, and coordinates of latitude and longitude. Check the index table next to the SCI MAPS bookcase.

Folded USGS thematic maps and charts in lettered series occupy the file cabinets along the north wall of the Map Collection. Arrangement is by series number (i.e., A-1 to A-14, followed by C-1 to C-146, etc.) A few numbers of these series were published as flat maps or atlases. These are located in the last drawers of the map cabinets next to the book stacks. Brown's collection includes the following series:

Theme Series
Antarctic Geologic Maps A-(nos.).
Coal Investigations Maps C-(nos.).
Circum-Pacific Maps CP-
Geophysical Investigations Maps GP-
Geologic Quadrangle Maps GQ-
Hydrologic Investigations Atlases HA-
Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Maps I-
Land Use and Land Cover Maps L-
Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps MF-
Mineral Investigations Resources Maps MR-
Oil and Gas Investigations Charts OC-
Oil and Gas Investigations Maps OM-